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I have the born privilege to have, and to continue living in a disorderly and happy Waraguaru (swirl) of tropical light, where nothing is repeated, where the emotions are shown without modesty, where the routine drama does not keep the mourning that require other latitudes.

I am a patient observer, I await my objective the time that have to be necessary, some times I am only a witness of the coincidental fact... but always I am a hunter, chasing and waiting for the right moment.

I come from the school of the traditional photographic art, of the hand of the masters Aldolf Lissenburg and Fred Nijborg , solid bases that permit the flight of my ideas, untied, but always under the control of my hand. The video permitted me to develop the photography in movement, and to understand that each scene, each picture counts its own history, I discovered that I can intervene that reality, and express what I can not do with words.

My work is the reflection of my life, a mirror where others look at themselves, and I permit it with pleasure.

Manuel Jimenez




175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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